OMNI -5/10 (三) 最 underground 的浩室派對 𝒁𝑨𝑴𝑷 𝒗𝒐𝒍.𝟒

深沈節奏的靈魂救贖 🌿

5/10 (三) 最 underground 的浩室派對 𝒁𝑨𝑴𝑷 𝒗𝒐𝒍.𝟒


🎵 Tech House / House music 🎵

Z – zesty 熱情

A – amorous 戀愛的

M – melodic 旋律

P – pure 純真的





在這片由 TECH HOUSE 構築的叢林裡

由 7 位 DJ 主廚為您精心調理


Sweet & sour chords

Spicy basslines

Tasty kick drums

And a little vocal dressings

In a jungle kitchen surrounded by tech house

Come join us with 7 DJ chefs

For a night of fun and flavors

🍽️ 流程 Lineup

DZRT FRST |@dzrtfrst

GIORGIO LEONE |@giorgioleoneit

HER |@her_chen_


MAI |@maichiehsun

MOLLY LIN |@mollylovesun

NICK.P |@nick_placibo

🌿 票價資訊 Admission

女生 – 整晚免費入場

男生 – NT $400(含兩杯酒)

Ladies – Free admission all night

Gentleman – NT$400 (with 2 drinks)

🌿 包廂資訊 Table service


The price includes 10% service charge and special table set

10 人包廂 NT $5500

15 人包廂 NT $11000

欲訂包廂者請聯繫公關或私訊 @zamp_tw / @ourmuzikrecords

For table reservations, please contact OurMuzik or OMNI PR or message us on FB/IG

⚠️入場須知 Entry procedures

需年滿 18歲。請出示身份證件。禁止外食飲料。服裝切勿穿著短褲、涼鞋。

Anyone under 18 will be denied entry. Please show your photo ID. Food and beverages purchased outside are strictly prohibited. Dress well, don’t tempt fate with shorts or slippers.


📲 現在就加入 OMNI LINE 會員 享有限定優惠!

OMNI 官方 LINE|@omnitaipei

📲 更多包廂資訊


客服訂位 LINE|omni_taipei

📲 為因應警政署要求,所有來賓一率需出示可認證身份之實體證件

It is required by local authorities to show physical ID upon entry for all guests